Welcome to my catalogue of   writing on danceetc
– a searchable, referenced, linked-up and pretty much complete collection of my writing on dance (+ a bit more), dating back to 1994. See the FAQs below for general info. Alternatively: just dive in – there are more than 650 articles to rootle around.

Who is Sanjoy Roy?

I’ve been writing on dance since 1994, for various publications including the Guardian since 2002, and others such as Dance Gazette, Dance International, Dancing Times and others. For more about me, click here.

How do I get round the site?

The top menu is the context, the menu below is the writing archive. Apart from the menu and search bar, you can also sort the archive by date, category, tag, publication or place – just click the relevant links on the page. All writings are referenced and linked (where possible) either to the original online text or to the publisher’s site. For more info, see this post.

When do articles appear here?

When the edition of the source publication is no longer current. For a daily, within a week. For a monthly, after a month. For programme notes, after the end of the tour.

What are ‘Step by Step Guides’?

User-friendly profiles of companies and choreographers designed to get you up to speed on the subject, pronto. Published in the Guardian from 2008 to 2011.

What is ‘Resolution review’?

Reviews for the The Place Theatre’s annual Resolution! season of work by choreographic newbies.

Why are there no star ratings?

My site = my choice. I think star ratings are not just inadequate but pernicious. They encourage a checkbox, rank-o-phile (is that a word?) mentality, and sap the life from both the text and your brain.

Is this archive complete?

Not quite. The early years in particular are a bit patchy. But it’s pretty much all here.

Can I comment on the articles?

Yes. There’s a comment form at the end of each article (apart from Step by Step Guides). For general comments, use Guestbook. For an overview of comments and viewing across the whole site, see You.

Can I re-use your text elsewhere?

You are able to, but I’m asking you please no, it isn’t right, it isn’t fair… ;) For anything more than a short quote, please link to the source page. Always credit and reference in full in any case. I thank you already.

Where are all the pretty pics?

The site is about writing, so the focus is on text. Maybe I’ll add more pics later. Maybe I won’t.


Latest articles

Hofesh Shechter: Barbarians trilogy

The Barbarians trilogy goes inside the Hof-head.

Shobana Jeyasingh Dance: Strange Blooms, Material Men

Plant life as you don't know it, and an abstract arc traced from root to re-encounter

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

The Trocks’ disarming blend of tribute and parody: a drag act that is just as often played straight

Northern Ballet: 1984

1984: the Ballet? You'll watch it intently. And sometimes you too may be watched…

Balé de Rua: Baila Brasil

Vitality, celebration and mischief in a show that sometimes crowds out its own best qualities

Ballet Folklórico de México

High-class entertainment and cultural ambassadorship - a multicoloured postcard from Mexico.

Ardani 25 Gala

Volatile energies, men in emotion, and jilted bridezillas - uncommon fare for a ballet gala

Dance writing workshop at Siobhan Davies Dance

Dance writing workshop on Saturday 4 July 2015

Paco Peña: Flamencura

A transfixing glimpse into flamenco's unsettled soul

Motionhouse: Broken

Dance as disaster movie: crashes, bangs - and a bit of whimpering.